Life’s precious moments

Our eldest daughter recently married the love of her life. We felt blessed by so many friends and family that came to celebrate with us.

Here are just a few of the precious moments that made the day even better.

My niece, the Matron of Honor and my beautiful girl, the Bride!
Practicing! Youngest boy was the ring bearer.
The two mommas
Playing around
My beautiful friend doing my babies makeup for her big day.
My side of the family minus a couple.
The beautiful setting
It’s time!
My siblings and I. I’m blessed to be the youngest of this crew.
Young love is such a blessing.
Say cheese!
Officially brothers but always birthday twins!
Best friends and stolen kisses
Best friends.
This one makes me laugh. My buddy is so good with kids!
Officially Mr. & Mrs. in the eye of the state
We’ve been together for 26 years! Great friendships are the best!
My girls. Friends for over 34 years. Couldn’t live without them.
The love between these two makes my heart melt.

3 thoughts on “Life’s precious moments

  1. Beautiful pics, looks like a lovely time 💖


    1. It really was. And very surreal to have a married child.

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      1. I can almost imagine that, my daughter is engaged, at present their saving for a house deposit though, so the wedding will need to be put back. It will be wonderful though when they can marry 😊.

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