100 Loves: Part 5

Half way there!

I’m on a voyage of self discovery and I wanted to know what I truly love. So I sat down to find out. Here’s my list. What’s yours?

My social media. I know some see it as a time waster and full of drama but I love it. It connects me to my tribe. With all the sports my kids do, appointments and work schedule I can’t see and visit with those I love as often as I want. Social media to the rescue! www.instagram.com www.facebook.com Look me up!

Speaking of sports, I love watching my favorite athletes. We support Volleyball, Football, Wrestling, Basketball, Baseball and Track. In my opinion, there is nothing better for a kid than to be a part of a team. It teaches respect, discipline and team work.

Food from Starbucks. The Sous Vide egg bites (310 calories) and the Chicken Wrap Protein Box (690 calories) are my favorites!


Dutch Bros! This company is a NW treasure. They are my favorite drive through drink stand. With super friendly baristas, a wide variety of drinks and amazing cups, they make any day better! My fave is an Iced Coconut Rebel with a pomegranate drizzle. If you’re ever in the beautiful PNW, swing in. www.dutchbros.com

The greatest place to live on earth is right here in the Pacific Northwest (PNW). We are within an hour of the city, the mountains, and the ocean. We have access to an active volcano and beautiful wildlife. Rivers and trails abound.


Holding my husbands hand. To some it may not mean a whole lot but to me it’s the world. This man is my rock and he has held me up when I’ve needed him. We have been married for 24 years and counting.

Chicken. I love a good roasted chicken with garlic. I eat it by itself, on a salad, in a wrap…I’m not picky. It’s one reason I am not a vegetarian.

Then there’s mushrooms. I am so thankful to the ancestor that looked at these little fungi and thought “those look tasty” Sauté these with a little butter an garlic and I am there! Stuff them with garlic, cheese, bacon and chives…..oh yeah baby!!

My phone….I know….but it’s a hand held computer that can do sooo much! Thankfully Apple has now started a screen time report, so I can see how much I’m on it. Haha, I won’t share those results.

Kyoto Japanese Steakhouse and Sushi. Located in the town across the river, it’s quickly become a family favorite. A load of entertainment, great food that’s full of flavor and family fun. They give quite the show that includes throwing food and drink to you to catch! I have a tenancy to push myself when I go here so I try not to go often. I would encourage anyone to seek out this style of dining as there’s nothing thing like seeing your food prepared right in front of you. Plus, it’s super fun!

So far, I’ve shared 50 things or people that I love. This has been such a fun list to create and I encourage you to sit down and evaluate your loved. Go ahead, it won’t hurt LOL!

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