Dear Pain,

You come in so many forms and you’re very personal.

You’ve visited me many times and I have a love hate relationship with you.

The full pain of childbirth was the most amazing feeling I’ve ever experienced and yet what you made me feel when I lost my mom almost killed me.

How can you bring such joy and such agony all at once?

The constant hurt of knee pain, foot pain and back pain from obesity taught me that you would never leave me if I stayed that way. Now I welcome you as I exercise because you tell me that I’m working hard.

There have been times that you’ve been with me and I had no idea. Not until I felt you deeply.

You’ve doubled me over and made me realize my own worthlessness.

You’ve made me feel as though nobody would miss me. But that was a time when I was able to ask you to leave.

You continue to challenge me and make me believe in myself. You correct me and remind me I’m alive.

Thank you for forcing me to ask for help and remembering to breathe and just let things happen.

Thank you for leaving me with understanding and appreciation for this life.

Pain, you are a necessary part of life. Even when you make me cringe and cry I know there are lessons learned from your presence.



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2 thoughts on “Dear Pain,

  1. My friend this is so true..thank you for sharing. Good words. Love ya


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