Top 10: Apps

My favorite image app. A way for me to add quotes and my watermark. A must have for any amateur photographer.
Linked to my Fitbit of course. My go to for knowing where I’m at in way of movement!
Used the most out of all of my apps. It’s like having an entire encyclopedia at your fingertips. Who doesn’t need that???
My way of staying connected with everyone I love. I have no guilt about loving this app.
This is a must for anyone looking for a great hike! Small, medium or large, this will show you where to go!
Love having a back up for my pics that I can search through easily. I haven’t played with it a lot so I know I have more to learn but I love it so far.
This is where my village lives. My WLS peeps are here. I love the ease of posting and keeping up with everyone’s journey.
If you’ve had wls and need to track your calories, macros, weight, inches and exercise…this is the app for you.
Where my words meet the world. I’ve had more success with this site than my prior one. I love the easiness I’d using the app to write a post or two.
When it comes to music I can’t just choose one. Ever. They all have their place in my world.
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