Mom Life

We are all busy. If you have one kid or 6 you’re busy. If you are blessed to stay home or work, you’re busy. If you’re married or single….busy! Because we are moms! Most of the “Mom population” takes care of the kids in most ways. We carry them, birth them, nurse them, take care of them when they’re sick, sing to them, read bed time stories, kiss boo boos, etc.

Most of that stuff is behind me now. I still do the sickness stuff but now it’s mostly homework, practices and games, club meetings, sleepovers, parent teacher conferences, and so on. Older kid stuff.

Busy, just a different kind.

I still have to do all the regular mom stuff but now they have a social life! Remember I’ve already done this once, yet it didn’t seem so hard that first time around. Maybe because I was younger. But man! I am feeling it now!

This is tough stuff. The busy….it’s not just physical, it’s mental! Keeping schedules straight and who needs to be where at what time and how’re they getting there and who’s picking them up and, and, and. I need a bottle….I mean a glass of wine.

Busy. Yep.

I’m told one day I’ll miss it…..hmmm?



Yeah. I will.

Because as much as it sounds like I’m complaining, I actually love it.

Oh sure, the laundries piling up and the house isn’t perfect ( not that it ever is cause, duh I have kids) and I don’t see my dog as often as I’d like but we are making memories people! My kids are trying sports and clubs and being social. They’re interacting and trying new things and learning so much!

I wouldn’t trade that! It’s too special.

So we will keep going. Keep traveling and planning and packing snacks and iPads lol.

This is my Mom life. And I love it.

10 thoughts on “Mom Life

  1. The great thing is that your children are so accepting of you. LoL. Your love and devotion as a mother is shaping the next generation! We should strive to help our children to be better than we ever were. 😁


    1. Thank you my friend. I agree whole heartily!


  2. Every word is spot on!!!mom life is tiring and draining but wonderful!
    Btw, we are missing out on your daughters name!!!


    1. I didn’t understand at first, but I get it now. That’s Faith! Our younger daughter. Our eldest is Megan, she’s not pictured.


  3. Beautiful family!! And I love the name Faith!!

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    1. Thank you! She’s a very special girl.


  4. Everyone who tells you that you will miss it…they are right! It’s tough, exhausting and demanding. But the Mom-life is the best. You have a beautiful family and they are blessed that you are present and attentive!


    1. I believe you. And thank you! They truly are my greatest blessing.


  5. Spot on!! Sometimes when people tell me I will miss it, I roll my eyes and think, “Yeah right!!” But then I think back to the baby phase and realize I do miss it! I mean, in a sense I’m glad it’s over bc I was exhausted, but I miss it. I’m sure that’s how we will feel when this next phase is over, too, huh? Relieved and sad all at the same time!

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    1. Exactly! I’m sad but relieved. You said it perfectly! Blessings to us momma.

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