100 Loves: Part 5

Half way there! I’m on a voyage of self discovery and I wanted to know what I truly love. So I sat down to find out. Here’s my list. What’s yours? My social media. I know some see it as a time waster and full of drama but I love it. It connects me to my tribe. With all the sports my kids do, appointments and work schedule I can’t see and visit with those I love as often as I want. Social media to the rescue! http://www.instagram.com http://www.facebook.com Look me up! Speaking of sports, I love watching my favorite … Continue reading 100 Loves: Part 5

5 Point Challenge 2019

Five areas of your life where you can improve and push yourself. Join me in making 2019 simpler and more rewarding. Find “My Journeys My Own” on Facebook to join me. Point 1: Motion Simply move more. Add 10 minutes to what you’re doing now then add 5 minute increments every two weeks. Point 2: Food Increase healthy fat and protein. Decrease cards and sugar. Eat your colors and lessen your portions. Point 3: Attitude Choose to be happier and kinder. Smile more, cuss less and stop yelling. Pay it forward and be graceful. If it’s not helpful, don’t say … Continue reading 5 Point Challenge 2019

15 Things About Me

I love learning about others. It’s one of my favorite things about working with adults on occasion. I’ve sat and held the hand of a 95 year old who is only on one medication and I’ve spoken to a 30 year old who’s falling apart. We all have a story. You may or may not know these things, in fact I could wager that most don’t. These fifteen “items” are part of who I am and how I became me. I was raised by my beautiful mother, alone. She had help from two of my older siblings but she did … Continue reading 15 Things About Me