15 Things About Me

I love learning about others. It’s one of my favorite things about working with adults on occasion. I’ve sat and held the hand of a 95 year old who is only on one medication and I’ve spoken to a 30 year old who’s falling apart. We all have a story. You may or may not know these things, in fact I could wager that most don’t. These fifteen “items” are part of who I am and how I became me. I was raised by my beautiful mother, alone. She had help from two of my older siblings but she did … Continue reading 15 Things About Me

Top 10: Rewards

When we are talking about rewards it’s very important to remember that food and inactivity is what got us in this pickle in the first place. Keep that in mind when choosing your rewards. My top ten are simply that. My TOP ten. I’ve rewarded myself in many ways but these are the most common and usually the most affordable. Obviously I’ve set goals and I’ve achieved most of them. In fact, it’s good to remind myself that I need to set some new ones. Get a pedicure; Easy and affordable as long as I go alone! It’s also something … Continue reading Top 10: Rewards

What if?

What if I was the Mega Millions winner? 1.5 Billion dollars! A 1 in 302.5 million odds of winning. If taken in one lump sum you would walk away with 877.8 million dollars!!! Holy shit! So I’m sure that I’m not the only one that wondered “What if?” If I had won this amount of money, here’s my list of things I would have done, immediately! 1.  I would call our accountant! We would do all the money stuff, like set up trust funds and set up some investments. You know, what rich folks do. 2. Quit. My. Job. As … Continue reading What if?

Who Are you? Part 2

It’s an age old question isn’t it? Not to mention it’s a hard question as well. Who am I? Well of course we all wear different hats and have different titles, but do those define us? Are there things about us that would surprise those that know us best? I have been asking my self this question for a long time and I’ve come up with some answers. Maybe you can relate? Welcome to part two. I am an 80’s kid. Born in ’75, the 80’s were a time of great movies, music, hair, fashion and style. Life was good. … Continue reading Who Are you? Part 2