I’ll never get used to it

Grief seems to be the one constant in my life. Losing someone dear to you is always hard but when it’s someone who hadn’t even lived life it’s heart wrenching. The world has lost another young soul that left many behind wondering “What could we have done?” There are so many questions and few answers. So we are left with prayer, love, and our memories. Being there for each other is key in the grieving process. Seeking God and those we love will help us mend our broken hearts. We miss you Kristian. Your cheeky smile, how good you always … Continue reading I’ll never get used to it


I’ve never considered myself ridiculous. Not down deep. But when you already have a low self esteem and people, even those who claim to love you, treat you or tell you that you are you tend to believe it. How I look: I’ve always tried out different styles. I enjoy it. But I’m terrified to look bad. For years I hid in my clothes. I wouldn’t wear anything revealing or anything someone could comment about. I didn’t deserve to look nice. I didn’t deserve to look “cool” or “trendy”. I was obese (a word I despise). I am always very … Continue reading Ridiculous

15 Things About Me

I love learning about others. It’s one of my favorite things about working with adults on occasion. I’ve sat and held the hand of a 95 year old who is only on one medication and I’ve spoken to a 30 year old who’s falling apart. We all have a story. You may or may not know these things, in fact I could wager that most don’t. These fifteen “items” are part of who I am and how I became me. I was raised by my beautiful mother, alone. She had help from two of my older siblings but she did … Continue reading 15 Things About Me