I’ll never get used to it

Grief seems to be the one constant in my life. Losing someone dear to you is always hard but when it’s someone who hadn’t even lived life it’s heart wrenching. The world has lost another young soul that left many behind wondering “What could we have done?” There are so many questions and few answers. So we are left with prayer, love, and our memories. Being there for each other is key in the grieving process. Seeking God and those we love will help us mend our broken hearts. We miss you Kristian. Your cheeky smile, how good you always … Continue reading I’ll never get used to it

Who Are you? Part 1

It’s an age old question isn’t it? Not to mention it’s a hard question as well. Who am I? Well of course we all wear different hats and have different titles, but do those define us? Are there things about us that would surprise those that know us best? I have been asking my self this question for a long time and I’ve come up with some answers. Maybe you can relate? First and foremost I am a Momma. I have four beautiful children whom I’d die for. They make me whole. They give me more purpose in life than … Continue reading Who Are you? Part 1

Dancing Through The Storm circa 2015

Life will bring us storms. Some are minor but others are like hurricanes and tornadoes. Leaving a trail of devastation that has us gasping for breath and wondering how we will ever pick up the pieces left in the wake. Everyone suffers these storms and weather them differently. And when the storm hit me and our family, it was horrifying. At first, I climbed within myself and didn’t really let anyone in, including my husband. But after awhile, I realized that I had children to take care of and a husband who loved me so much. And so I chose … Continue reading Dancing Through The Storm circa 2015