Top 10: Things your HCT want you to know, but can’t say!

It’s true. I’m going out on a limb here and I’m going to reveal the top ten items that your Health Care Team wants you to know but can’t tell you! Why can’t we tell you? Well, you might not take it well. Let’s face it, you’re not usually at the doctor when you feel your best. These need to be said. Be on time. Yes I know, you have to get there on time only to wait to see the doctor. But, you’re probably waiting because someone else came with only 5 minutes left of their appointment. Which put … Continue reading Top 10: Things your HCT want you to know, but can’t say!

Top 10: Rewards

When we are talking about rewards it’s very important to remember that food and inactivity is what got us in this pickle in the first place. Keep that in mind when choosing your rewards. My top ten are simply that. My TOP ten. I’ve rewarded myself in many ways but these are the most common and usually the most affordable. Obviously I’ve set goals and I’ve achieved most of them. In fact, it’s good to remind myself that I need to set some new ones. Get a pedicure; Easy and affordable as long as I go alone! It’s also something … Continue reading Top 10: Rewards

Top 10: Goals

To get out of the 300’s Completed February 2017 Weigh less than my husband Completed June 2017 Lose 100 pounds Completed September 2017 Shop in the “normal” section of the store Completed December 2017 To wear my husbands clothes Completed December 2017 Wear a dress Completed January 2018 Get out of the 200’s Completed March 2018 Go on a real hike Completed May 2018 Go zip-lining Completed August 2018 Have the word “Obese” removed from my medical record Still waiting for this one thanks to the stupid BMI chart.   These are just my goals, what are yours? Can I … Continue reading Top 10: Goals

The Ocean’s My Sanctuary

The rolling waves, the salty air, the cold wind. She calls to me. Spray lingers as waves hit rocks and land. Birds scatter in seemingly random patterns. Have you ever listened to her song? Ran your toes through her silky shores of sand? Have you explored her caverns or climbed her rocky cliffs? She’s taken lives and yet I still seek her beauty. She fills me with peace when I’m in her presence. Her storms are liberating in their force, they make me yearn for that release. She knows me. She hears me. I am forever her greatest admirer. Continue reading The Ocean’s My Sanctuary