Silence. The blissful sound of nobody. Peace. A way of being, when you’re alone. Tranquil. The body unwinding when there’s no stress. Relaxation. A foreign thing. How do I achieve this? Do I need to run away? Do people do that? Won’t I be judged by those I love? Won’t I miss them and feel guilty? Of course. That’s why I stay. It is why I suffer silently. It’s why I endure it all. Because I love them. It’s how life has to be. I don’t get the luxury of a peaceful and quiet life. Oh I catch glimpses now … Continue reading

The Ocean’s My Sanctuary

The rolling waves, the salty air, the cold wind. She calls to me. Spray lingers as waves hit rocks and land. Birds scatter in seemingly random patterns. Have you ever listened to her song? Ran your toes through her silky shores of sand? Have you explored her caverns or climbed her rocky cliffs? She’s taken lives and yet I still seek her beauty. She fills me with peace when I’m in her presence. Her storms are liberating in their force, they make me yearn for that release. She knows me. She hears me. I am forever her greatest admirer. Continue reading The Ocean’s My Sanctuary