Life Changes, Guaranteed

You’ve heard the saying “There’s only two guarantees in life, paying taxes and death”? Well I will challenge that saying…there’s only one guarantee in life, change. Life is in a constant flux of change. No matter how much we think we have it figured out, no matter how much control we erroneously think we have, life will always change and make us change with it. When we got married, we thought we would have kids right away. We didn’t know at the time that we would encounter fertility issues. When we tried for years to get pregnant and couldn’t, we … Continue reading Life Changes, Guaranteed

The Ocean’s My Sanctuary

The rolling waves, the salty air, the cold wind. She calls to me. Spray lingers as waves hit rocks and land. Birds scatter in seemingly random patterns. Have you ever listened to her song? Ran your toes through her silky shores of sand? Have you explored her caverns or climbed her rocky cliffs? She’s taken lives and yet I still seek her beauty. She fills me with peace when I’m in her presence. Her storms are liberating in their force, they make me yearn for that release. She knows me. She hears me. I am forever her greatest admirer. Continue reading The Ocean’s My Sanctuary

Depression Phase 1

I have never considered myself depressed. I know some people who suffer from it and I don’t relate to them at all. At least not with that. But I recently took a health assessment quiz at work. Working in the health care field I have a few resources available that others may not have. Anyway, I took this quiz. And at first I was jazzed, you know, I got to put down a starting weight and a current weight. Then I got to say what food I don’t eat and what foods I do. It was going well. Then, it … Continue reading Depression Phase 1