Do You Have A Bucket List?

Have you ever sat down to list your “must do” list? Mine is in constant flux. I revisit it often and make adjustments, because life is constantly changing, the list is changing. What I wanted to do at 30, I no longer want to do at my present age. Not to mention that there are things I have done that I’ve been able to check off. My current list has several items on it, 33 to be exact. I’ve only checked off 5, so I have some work to do. There are easy ones, like “Ride horses on the beach” … Continue reading Do You Have A Bucket List?

Top 10: Goals

To get out of the 300’s Completed February 2017 Weigh less than my husband Completed June 2017 Lose 100 pounds Completed September 2017 Shop in the “normal” section of the store Completed December 2017 To wear my husbands clothes Completed December 2017 Wear a dress Completed January 2018 Get out of the 200’s Completed March 2018 Go on a real hike Completed May 2018 Go zip-lining Completed August 2018 Have the word “Obese” removed from my medical record Still waiting for this one thanks to the stupid BMI chart.   These are just my goals, what are yours? Can I … Continue reading Top 10: Goals