Top Ten: Surgery Essentials

If you’re headed into bariatric surgery, first let me congratulate you! You’ve made a decision to change your life and I know it wasn’t an easy decision to make! Having gone through this process myself, I’ve compiled a list of the top ten items you need to bring with you to the hospital. As usual I hope this is helpful and useful. 1) Of course your phone is invaluable. A way to stay in touch with those who want to know how you’re doing and an endless way to pass the time. 2) But don’t forget the charging supplies! You’ll … Continue reading Top Ten: Surgery Essentials

Flashback Friday

Losing weight was always something I wanted but couldn’t do on my own. But life still happened. Life is different now, but I’m happier and healthier. My kids have grown up and they see the difference in their mom. They’ve all told me how I’m happier and they love my energy. I will never regret having weight loss surgery and taking my happy back!!! Happy Friday! Continue reading Flashback Friday

Top 10: Goals

To get out of the 300’s Completed February 2017 Weigh less than my husband Completed June 2017 Lose 100 pounds Completed September 2017 Shop in the “normal” section of the store Completed December 2017 To wear my husbands clothes Completed December 2017 Wear a dress Completed January 2018 Get out of the 200’s Completed March 2018 Go on a real hike Completed May 2018 Go zip-lining Completed August 2018 Have the word “Obese” removed from my medical record Still waiting for this one thanks to the stupid BMI chart.   These are just my goals, what are yours? Can I … Continue reading Top 10: Goals

Top 10: Actions

You’ve gotten all the items needed, now it’s time to take action!   We have all been there when the “skinny” person starts telling you it’s all about moving more and eating less. While this is something that works for some, it definitely doesn’t work for everyone! If it did, everyone would be skinny! Here are my top ten action items to help you get started. I can personally say that these have helped me! Weigh in. This is just to establish your baseline. Do this on a scale that you will have access to in the future. It helps if … Continue reading Top 10: Actions