A Devotional

Strength, the word brings to mind images of all sorts. Strong men with muscles, a woman raising babies with a thousand things to do, a hard worker making ends meet against impossible odds…all of those apply and yet they aren’t what I’m talking about.

I’m talking about our inner strength. The ability to keep going day in and day out. Life has a tendency to throw a lot of flaming shit balls at us on a regular basis. It’s one of the reasons I drink, but how do I keep going? How do you?

Because what’s the alternative? We could cash it all in, praying we meet our maker on the other side, but that means leaving those we love behind. Nope, that’s not an option.

We could pray about it. Which I’m sure we all do. We probably even ask for additional prayers. 

We could cry a lot and take a ton of medication and be a hot mess all the damn time. However, that’s going to achieve nothing but a room at the White Coat Inn.

I have a wide circle (or tribe as I call them) of friends whom I share a love of the Lord with. Some, I go to church with (when I go) and others I don’t. I always say they’re better Christians than I am. There’s been many times I truly believed this. Then there are the other times that I feel like I’m up to snuff. They are the ones I call on, when I need support and prayer. They have never let me down.

My life, like others, has been no walk in the park. Actually, maybe it has…Jurassic Park!

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It’s a constant crap show. I get through. I try everyday to get better, to be better, to show up for those who need me. I pray, I rant, I cry, I drink, I exercise, I have hobbies to take my mind off it all, I sleep, I write, I play with my dogs, I snuggle with my cats, but the biggest thing that I do is I lean on my village, my family and GOD!

He’s always there. He’s there for the lowest of sinners. He is the one constant in my life. I’ve screamed at Him and cursed Him and pleaded with Him. He does not always give me what I want but He always gives me what I need. I never truly understand but sometimes I ‘get it’.

Psalm 28:7 says this; “The Lord is my strength and my shield; my heart trusts in him, and I am helped. My heart leaps for joy, and I will give thanks to him in song.” NIV

Will you join me in trusting Him and praising Him in song?


Lord, we come to you broken. We are sinners just as the lowest of society is a sinner. We are no different. We need your love and forgiveness. We also need guidance, Lord. You know what we need more than we do and You know best. God, shape us into the women you want us to be, use us and strengthen us as we go. We ask this in Your Holy Name, Amen

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