Tears From Heaven

Fog engulfs me as droplets slide down my window pane.

Wrapped in sorrow my face matches the clouds that bring you closer to me.

The candles glow can’t penetrate the darkness that engulfs me.

I hear you roar and see your light streak across the sky.

Torrents of tears falling. Mine matching yours.

I hear them striking the roof, see them dripping from the eves. Covering me in every way.

Their abundance fills holes in the earth and yet leaves me empty.


The fog begins to lift and the landscape becomes clearer through my window.

My tears have stopped, I’m drained.

Have you left me?

Birds begin to sing, beams of light peer through the mist, a warm glow begins.

How much time has passed?

The sky begins to clear as my eyes begin to focus.

Through the glass a sea of green greets me.

Clean and crisp air fills my lungs as I place my feet on the moist ground.

Arms outstretched I feel you wrap around me like a cool breeze.

There you are.

Behind the cloud, your colors bright.

Clearing away the darkness and cold. Your tears joined mine.

Together once more.

Sweetness fill the air I breathe in. You are everywhere.

I feel you and slowly realize you’ll never leave me.

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