Break up the Boredom

Summer is here, and with the beautiful warm weather comes every parents most dreaded phrase…..


Ugh, can anything set you on edge like that? Of course, I’ve responded to this in a variety of ways over the years.

For example: -“Well, there’s a lot of chores to be done!” -“Bored? When I was your age I never said that! I went outside and made my own fun!” -“ Sucks to be you!” -“Go outside and play!” -“Go find your brother/sister and play with them”

Obviously many of these responses didn’t work. They often lead to my absolutely favorite action in a child…..whining!

So coming into my 24th year as a parent I have decided that this summer was going to be different.

I am not blessed to be a SAHM. And this post Covid summer is extremely busy. We have three weddings, a couple birthdays, an anniversary, two different community events the kids are involved in and a vacation!

But it’s the weekdays while I’m at work that I wanted the kids engaged in something besides technology! Meet the Boredom Basket!

He chose everything that’s in here!

We turned to the internet for some inspiration on what to put in but mostly he chose for himself.

There’s everything from play dough to books to diamond painting kits. He’s got hula hoops, baseball stuff and jump ropes.

He also has a jar with all kids of activities listed as Boredom Busters!

So many choices.

With all this, there’s no way they will be bored this summer!!! 🤞🏻🤞🏻🤞🏻

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