Puppies, Fun, Love & Health

Summer is beginning to wind down and this family was unbelievably busy. Weddings, vacations, new puppies and health issues.

At the end of spring my husband became ill and ended up with COVID pneumonia, which landed him in the hospital for a week. Five days of that was spent in the ICU on high volume oxygen. He has since recovered and I couldn’t be more grateful. I can’t imagine a life without him in it. But life wasn’t done, now he’s battling a huge kidney stone. Poor man can’t catch a break! We decided his 50th trip around the sun sucks!

The warm towel felt good. Battling a kidney stone is not fun.

Next, summer activities. Sleep overs and campfires. We said goodby to our sweet Rainey, which I will never recover from. We also had three weddings to attend. Three new couples who are venturing out on this crazy road of life. Two nephews and one friend all said vows promising for better or for worse. We wish them all the best.

Then finally vacation. We went somewhere new, Silverwood Amusement Park in Idaho. Best trip ever! I will be posting another blog just about how to survive Silverwood and how to be prepared, at a later date. We rode rides, had an injury, swam and had an absolute blast. We highly recommend.

Nate hit his head exiting a ride. We met the lovely first aid crew and the manager of the park. They were very kind and he was fine, finished the trip without incident.

Then to mend our hearts and fill it with canine love, we adopted two puppies. Sisters from the same litter. Mixed breeds; a little pit, lab and boxer and they are darling. River and Dixie have kept us on our toes and reminded us what having babies again means.

Soon school and sports will start again and I’m not sure what that looks like. (Damn Covid) . We will have a sophomore, a freshman and a sixth grader. Time just flies. If you’re not paying attention, you might miss it!


Our Family

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