Stand Up For What You Believe!

I try very hard not to voice my beliefs. Especially in politics. I’m much more passive than many believe. But I have felt the need to voice my opinion for some time.

It’s a long one! You’ve been warned!

1: I believe in one God. Jesus Christ is my savior and if we are in the book of Revelations then I’m not worried because I know my fate.

2: I do not endorse abortion but I do respect someone’s right to choose. That said, I’m strongly against late term abortions.

3: I am 100% American. Proud. Don’t burn my flag, find another way to be heard. I believe in living in a free country and I do think it’s in jeopardy right now.

4: I will always back the blue, the red and whatever color needed to show support for those who fight and protect us. Military, police and all first responders.

5: I have friends who have color to their skin and different ethnic backgrounds. Their lives matter to me. I will stand up and fight for their rights to be the same as mine. But causing property and personal damage and rioting are crimes! That’s not a protest! Find another way! Be better people!

6: I support any grown adult to love and marry whomever they choose. There should be no restrictions. Oh and they should be allowed to adopt or bear children and raise those kids in a loving home.

7: If you did a crime you should pay the price. PERIOD! A criminal is a criminal regardless of background. This goes for politicians and celebrities too!

8: I believe in hard work and letting people pursue their dreams and occupations as they see fit! And being paid a decent wage to do so.

9: I may not do it but I believe hunting and fishing are good sports and a way one can feed their family. Trophy hunters do not fall into this category.

My 13 year old with his first sturgeon! Had to throw it back though.

10: I believe everyone should respect everyone else but especially kids. They aren’t being taught basic manners anymore. I was just given a compliment at a store because Nathan said excuse me when walking past an adult. ALL PEOPLE SHOULD DO THAT!

11: COVID-19; It’s a virus. One that has no treatment or vaccine. But it’s not the plague. If you want to protect yourself please do so. However that needs to happen. I wear a mask at work because I’m mandated to, do I wear it elsewhere? If it’s required, yes, if not then no. I don’t believe they are the golden ticket to stopping the spread. I wash my hands, cover my cough and self monitor. I understand people can have it and not have symptoms hence the washing hands. I don’t believe shutting down our economy was a good idea. I think we will feel the effects of that for a very long time.

12: And finally, if you are a jerk to me or my family I will treat you accordingly. I’m to an age where I don’t care much for having toxic people around me.

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