Are you a true friend?

If I asked this question to those close to me, they would immediately give me a ton of positive affirmations and scold me, though lovingly, about what a good friend I am.

As much as I appreciate those sentiments, I know my own brain and my own heart. I’ve not lived up to the term “ true friend”.

Have you?

I’ve complained, gossiped and ignored friends and friendships. I’ve been snarky, petty, jealous, and envious. I’ve been the opposite of true.

I have found that when I demonstrate the above behaviors my mood is effected along with my joy of life. I’ve realized over the years that being a true friend is not only an action but a mind set.

Over the years my close circle of friends have been with me though some tough shit. Death, life, depression, injury, surgery, the list goes on and on. They’ve been there not only physically but spiritually.

A large chunk of my circle have been friends of mine for decades. They know, if they dig deep, how unbalanced the tide has been.

But I’m in a new space now. I’m actively changing my viewpoint on life and being present and available to my village.

So what’s next?

I’ve decided to make sure that I’m the friend that is there when the rubber meets the road. Performing random acts of kindness. Being a good listener. Showing up with a bottle of wine when needed ( and something harder if necessary ) A shoulder to cry on, prayers sent up immediately, a compliment when needed and a whole lot of understanding.

Being a good friend is a work in progress. It’s not something you do once in awhile, it’s a daily action! It takes zero effort to type a text, send a quick note, make a call or post something sweet on social media.

Reach out to those you consider your village. I promise it will make your life so much richer.

I’m loud and proud and I’m here for you! My circle knows who they are.

It begins now…..

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