15 More Things

I wrote before, about things I’d be awful at, well I’d be awesome at these!

1. Zookeeper; love love love animals

2. Stay at home mom; I’d rock this

My crew. Mothers Day 2020

3. Teacher; first dream job. Love kids and love the schedule. (COVID-19 may have me re-thinking this one)

4. Grandma; I know this will be the best time of my life.

5. RN; though I’ve no desire to do this at my age, I know I’d have done this well had I done it years ago.

I guess being a Medical Assistant will have to do.

6. Singer; I’m no Mariah Carey but my voice isn’t awful lol.

7. Author; maybe not of novels, but something. Children’s books perhaps. (This may still be an option)

8. Heiress; oh I would be so good at this! I’d help those in need and I’d see the world. Oh yes please.

9. Walmart Greeter; I can be nice to almost anyone. Except people who are mean. Not happening.


10. Coffee Shop Owner; secret retirement dream. Own one that caters to truck drivers.


11. Event Coordinator; I’m organized and like to boss people around. Perfect combination.

12. Inventor; not of anything amazing like a cure for cancer or anything of that nature. But I’ve had some ideas that were pretty awesome. I just don’t have the means to bring them to life.


13. Professional traveler; It goes without saying that I’d love to travel. To get paid for it would be completely amazing.

14. Marine Biologist; Again, back to the animals. I wanted to do this in grade school but then I realized I wasn’t very good at science. So if that wasn’t in the way I would rock this!

15. Book Store Owner; what an amazing way to spend your days. Surrounded by the written word and those that love it. Total bliss.

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