Goals: Why are they important and hard all at the same time?

Okay, honesty time. I’m great at setting goals and horrible at reaching them.

This is clearly why I needed to save my own life and have weight loss surgery.

I would set a goal (stay in x amount of calories etc) and the minute I did, I would “reward” myself. Usually with food!

Can you say Sabotage?

But through this process I’ve learned two things: goals are super important and it’s okay to make them small!

Have I met them all? NO!

Have I kept setting them? YES!!

Never quit!

But why are they so hard to meet?

First of all I know for a fact that I used to talk myself out of the goal pretty quickly after setting it.

– I was too tired

– I was hungry

– That was healthy right?

– I’m too busy to do cuz

– I just don’t care

See? It’s so easy to do.

I also hate having someone I’m accountable to. It’s still an issue I have. I don’t like someone pointing out that I’m NOT doing something. so I’m only accountable to myself. This also makes me a terrible gym buddy.

This isn’t a good thing.

The most important thing, in my opinion, is not giving up.

So I’ll keep setting goals and I’ll fail at some but I’ll set more.

Will you??

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