15 Things I would be Terrible at.

Most of us are self aware enough to know that there are certain things we would NOT be good at doing. So I sat down and thought about it and here are my top 15. Enjoy.

1. A rancher, no animals would ever be used for food.

2. A math teacher. Because…math sucks.

3. A food critic. I’m way too picky and I just really like tacos.

4. A defense lawyer. They’re all guilty!

5. Foster parent. No child would ever be moved out of my home or placed back with a horrible parent.

6. A veterinarian. I couldn’t handle seeing animals in pain. Heartbreaking.

7. The Queen. I believe I would yell “off with their head” way too much.

8. A Humane Society worker. They would all come home with me, then I’d be divorced.

9. A single mother. I could do it but I have no desire.

10. 911 Operator. I’d crack under the pressure.

11. A hairdresser. I tried to cut my child’s hair once, let’s just say we both ended up crying. Plus I don’t have the patience.

12. Housekeeper; I do not enjoy cleaning enough to do this as a lifetime skill.

13. Actress; terrible stage fright and I can’t memorize anything lol

14. Police Officer; Bad people scare me.

15. Firefighter; Something most people don’t know, I’m terrified of fire. I would freeze. Nope.

I completely appreciate all the men and women who do these jobs. They struggle and endure horrible things but it’s clearly a passion for them. They will forever be grateful I’m not one of them though as I would suck!

Have a great Friday!

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