Top 10 Life Rules

Have you ever thought of what your life rules are? I never had until recently. I sat down and thought them through, wrote them down, edited a few and finally came up with this.

You’re welcome.

Best friends for over 30+ years
  1. Hug and say “I love you” to those you love as much and as often as possible. Tomorrow is never promised.
action adult affection eldery
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2. Be kind to everyone.

My neice, myself and my daughter

3. Be in the picture, don’t just take them.

woman lying on area rug reading books
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4. Say no. It’s ok to put yourself first once in awhile.

belief bible book business
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5. Pray, especially when things are going well.


6. Continue to date your partner.


7. Move everyday. Bodies need exercise no matter how small.


8. Recycle. We only have one planet!


9. Journal. All the good, bad, or disturbing. Getting it out is therapeutic.


10. Pet all the dogs and read all the books.

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