Second Hand Treasure

I come from the “Gap” and “Jordache” generation. When name brand meant everything. But the problem was that we had literally nothing.

My mom was a waitress. She didn’t bring in enough money to even remotely buy me clothes of this caliber, and I’m thankful for it. Let me say that again for those in the back

I’m thankful for it!!!

Once in awhile we tried to get the cheap knock off “Keds” or “Converse” but someone would always call me out on it at school.

I used to be so embarrassed that we couldn’t afford things, that we were poor. Then an extraordinary thing happened. I met someone, who came from a very large and poor family, and she said the following to me…

“I love wearing used clothes because they have a story

My life was instantly changed. I started thinking very differently about our trips to the thrift store or Goodwill.

Now I looked at it more from my moms point of view. I could get more for less. I could find other people’s cast offs and they could be my treasures. I could have decent clothes that weren’t knock offs and nobody would be the wiser!

Now with my kids, I’m raising them to look at it in the same way.

My husband and I have plenty of money, especially when compared to my upbringing. But raising four children and trying to keep them clothed in the “cool” clothes can still take a decent lottery check.

Raising kids isn’t cheap, but when you choose to look for second hand treasures it can make the cost a lot lower and way more manageable.

Aside from the kids, now that I’m 130 pounds lighter it made a lot more sense to shop at the second hand stores than to constantly buy brand new. Especially as you shrink!

Now I show off my finds. My kids beg to go shopping at these specialty stores. In fact, my younger daughter chose that for her birthday. She was given $100 to spend and did so wisely. She walked away with 4 bags of clothes and shoes, all name brand.

I feel I’m raising my kids right. Who cares how much something costs or where it came from? If you love it and it makes you happy, that’s all that matters.

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2 thoughts on “Second Hand Treasure

  1. Good for you! I grew up with parents who probably could have afforded to buy us those things but didn’t because they thought it was ridiculous to pay that much. So I grew up being careful with my money. It’s definitely helped me in life and a wonderful thing to pass on to your kids.

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    1. I agree a thousand percent. Thank you for your sweet comment.


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