Time keeps going past.

Questions about before hurt deeply.

Can’t you see you’re my everything?

Anger flares, tears fall.

I doubt myself when I know I shouldn’t.

Can’t you see you filled a hole?

Struggles on both sides.

Words said that shouldn’t be.

Can’t you see my pain?

A longing for years gone by.

Nostalgia creeping in.

Can’t you envision it?

A snuggle.

A laugh.

Mommy’s little boy.

Can you see him?

I adore him.

He makes me proud.

Can you understand?

He’s growing into a man.

He’s gaining his own mind and opinions.

Can you hear him?

I need more time.

I need more understanding, more cooperation.

Can you try?

Make time slow down.

Please son?

I still need you.

Remember I chose you.

And I know you need me.

I’ll be waiting……

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