100 Loves: part 10

The final chapter of my 100 loves. A wonderful journey into what makes me, me.

America’s favorite mouse is my most beloved cartoon character.
Covered bridges bring back a bit of times gone by. You can almost hear the click of horses hooves as they hit the boards.
A good pedicure. Nothing beats the feeling of relaxation.
Bookstores. The smell of the titles linger in the air and the endless stories begin speaking to you the minute you walk in.
One of my favorite shows. It’s not for everyone but my addiction is real. #teamdaryl
No not babies, though they hold a special place in my heart too. Laughter, a good belly laugh is good for the soul.
This video doesn’t exist

ZIPLINING!!! I found a love for it on our adventure to www.tree2treeadventurepark.com

Seashells. The search for this natural gem is one of my best memories with my mom.
Massage. Whether it’s my husband, kids or a pro I love a good massage. Nothing relaxes me faster.

Hammocks. A good book, a good beverage and warm weather make this the best chair ever.

There you have it. A small window into my soul.

I hope you have taken a peek into yours.

Don’t forget to leave a comment or a 👍🏻.

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