Silent Sunday

Life through the lense of my iPhone.

Never too old to collect stickers. I love all my Dutch Bros. stickers!
My two middles are so sweet and I adore them.
The one that made me a momma! She is beyond special to me and I love being silly with her.
My driver! Not only in the car but in life.
Mr. Silly. My youngest baby, my taterbug. He makes me smile everyday.
Mr. Jasper. He adores me and I him. He gives the best cuddles.
I call this picture “Little Hugh” he fell in love with this robe when it was given to him. And it cracks me up!
My new mother’s dress for the wedding. The other one was just not quite right.
If you’re not dating your spouse, you’re missing out.
When in Portland, one must visit VooDoo
True love

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