100 Loves: Part 8

A long list of things and people I love. A small glimpse into my soul.

My favorite podcast, Pinterest board and website. They profile amazing women of history and they make learning so entertaining. Check them out, you won’t be sorry.
Thai food. I love it so much. Peanut sauce? Yes yes and YES!

Thanks to my friend, Alicia, these are a healthy addiction. Salt and pepper are my fave. I buy the big bags at Costco.
Hats. Love them. Wear them sometimes and seem to always get compliments. Lol.

My favorite juice. I use it as a mixer and I drink it straight. Such a sweet flavor.
I love to nap but I’m always a little disoriented when I wake up.
I love to be in a hot tub. This picture would be a dream come true. Hot tub + ocean, yes please.
Creeks. Love swimming in them, skipping rocks, floating and listening to them. It’s a country thing.
My mother in law loved this game and we would spend many hours playing.
This little book of postcards is amazing! Full of little gifts to your friends. Check it out (found at Target)
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