Life Changes

So many things can happen in such a short season.

This last fall brought about many changes and new roles for our family.

My brother in law was in a horrible accident several months ago. He will never come home again. He is considered mentally disabled now. We have seen him multiple times and he’s still in there but his body and mind no longer cooperate like they used to. It’s sad for many obvious reasons but I see the effect on my Father in law more than anyone.

Megan, my eldest, got engaged while on a trip to NOLA for her 21st bday. We had a nice gathering at home for her when they got back and we had a family only dinner to celebrate their engagement. Wedding plans are in full swing and it’ll be here before we know it.

Faith has had a few boyfriends now that she’s 13! Daddy isn’t handling her teen years any better than he handled Megan’s which means I’m in for another ride. Grrrr. But she’s so beautiful and kind that he better get used to the boy thing because it’ll never go away. Not to mention all her activities. From FFA to sports to History Club. She’s a busy girl.

Alex started his last year of youth football, he works hard helping dad and he just went crabbing on the pacific where he impressed and surprised a good family friend with his behavior. He’s very kind, loves his animals and has some great friends. He may drive me crazy but he makes me proud.

Nate’s starting year two of football and he’s just as scattered as he was last year. That boy is something else. He doesn’t like to go to school and he’s a total home body unless a friend wants a sleepover lol. He’s so sweet to his momma and he’s willing to help at home under the right conditions. He adores his siblings and pets. School is hard for him and will start an IEP (Individualized Education Plan) soon and I’m praying hard it’ll help him.

Bryan loves me so much that there are times it hurts. He’s also the most aggravating man ever. Haha. But I adore him. I would change a couple minor things, like how he reacts to the kids, but it’s who makes him….him. And he is who I love.

The most changes seem to hit us in the springtime. But that’s for another time.

This is the picture under the word “Handsome”
Baby girl is growing up
His friends are his favorite
And 21! Oh why did I blink???

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