Check off a Bucket List Moment

My family
I’m afraid of heights but being tethered culled that
Pure joy at being able to do this with my kids and this guy
Birthday boy. Circa August 2018

Bucket list and Baby boys birthday

How do I start? My baby is now 8! What’s just crazy to me. It feels like just yesterday that he was born. But time waits for nobody. He has been the best thing God have our family. He keeps us busy and makes our family complete. He’s sassy and funny and so loving. He’s a loyal friend and a fighter. He makes my heart melt and he also makes me completely crazy.

The other biggie is Tree to Tree. Nate and Adams birthday present and a bucket list item for me. When I was severely obese I never would have tried this obstacle course. I would’ve been terrified of so many things. Being embarrassed, weighing too much, having others judge me, not to mention simply not being able to do it.

I had the best time doing this course. It included many zip lines and watching my children enjoy themselves made it even better. But knowing that I was ABLE to do it and my weight didn’t hinder me at all was what made the day even sweeter.

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