Reflections of Ones Self

Get rid of the limited belief you have about yourself or your abilities. Straighten your crown girl, you got this.

I am a pretty person

Even though I’m not 100% doesn’t mean I’m broken

Yeah. They think they’re funny 😂😂

The day I had my shoulder manipulated and when I posted these photos on Facebook my brother said “Wow you have a lot of medical problems”. Which hurt my feelings. No I don’t think I do have a lot of medical issues. I have had some things happen but they aren’t near what others have. Like, why did he need to say that? Ugh he drives me coo coo.

But onto today’s self reflection…..I am more than what I seem. My knee issues, my loose skin, my weight, do not define who I am as a person. After my surgery I worked very hard to re-invent myself and there were times that I didn’t even know I was doing it! 😂

Then there’s the titles I bear. Wife, mom, sister, aunt, friend, medical assistant. I’m proud of these titles and those who give them to me. But there are days where I’d love to “quit” being one of them. For example, yesterday. I washed my car so my husband and I could go to a concert out of town. Came home, driving very slowly on the driveway to keep the dust down. Get home and of course kids were fighting (reason #1 to quit) then I cut up some watermelon for everyone, no big deal. It became a big deal when, one, my boys TP’d my car!

And two when my husband realized that a little boy had thrown watermelon on my car! ( reason #2) Seriously??? What goes on in their head?!

Then there are the times that being a sister gets really hard. The times when you realize that out of 5 kids you’re probably the only one missing anyone. Two see each other all the time. One has his own kids to pay attention to and the other is uniquely himself. He’s up there alone and probably never thinks about us unless he must. (Reason #3)

But you can’t quit. Well I can’t. I actually love all my titles, all my hats, all or most of my responsibilities. So I’ll keep pushing forward and I’ll keep getting up each morning and bringing my best self to this one life. I won’t let things get in my way anymore. I’m on a mission to be the best me I can be!!

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