100 Loves: Part 7

Have you ever sat down and thought long and hard about what it is that you love? I have. Welcome to the 7th installment.

Back and forth on a warm summer day. There’s nothing quite like a good rocking chair.

Old churches. Oh how I love them. They’re beautiful and regal. Houses of worship and prayer. Some huge and grand while others small and quaint. All fascinating.

Garlic shrimp, need I say more??

There’s just something about old barns. The stories they could tell if able. The different designs and purposes. They weather storms and house livestock. I think they are amazing!

To lose myself in a book is one of the best feelings on this earth.

I love movies. Period.

As a mom Silence is worth its weight in gold! So of course I love it, even if I rarely get it.

Have you ever really looked at the clouds? They are always changing yet they are always beautiful.

I love all storms. Wind, rain, lightening. But there’s something extra special about ocean storms.

The sound of the water, the cool spray, and the smell you experience.

Baby snuggles are the best. This is my youngest baby. He’s a big boy now but he still gives good snuggles.

Don’t forget to tell me what you think! Comment below!

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