100 Loves: Part 6

Finding myself through some soul searching about what I truly love. Here’s my second half of my 100 item list of things I love. Enjoy.


It’s 1984 and I, along with the entire USA, watch as Mary Lou Retton wins the gold metal in gymnastics! I had been a gymnast for 4 years at that point, and she was my hero. Unfortunately due to circumstances beyond my control I wasn’t able to continue gymnastics past the age of 10. My eldest daughter was a gymnast for 5 years in her youth and we loved watching her perform. I will forever be a fan of this sport, and cheer on the USA every 4 years!

birthday bow box card
Photo by Pixabay on Pexels.com 

Giving; I am one of those people that will give things to people even if I don’t have the money. I would do so much more if I could afford it but money aside, there’s no feeling on earth like the one I get when people’s faces light up. I’m not speaking just of gifts either. I mean paying for someones coffee in the line at Dutch or Starbucks, leaving change on the door at the laundry mat, giving the homeless person a meal they didn’t see coming, making your neighbor cookies, jumping in to help my co-workers when they’re busier than I am, well you get the idea. Be a giver. You won’t regret it.


Teal; n: A dark greenish-blue color. This color warms my heart. I have the kitchen aid mixer above in this color and I adore it. Maybe because it’s the color of the sea or that it’s just pleasing to the eye but I love it. 


Pike Place Market, Seattle WA. Flying fish, flowers, fresh food, unique gifts and handmade everything! It may be crowded, especially on a summer weekend, but it’s worth the crowds. If you’ve never visited I encourage you to do so. Located two blocks from the water, it’s a great piece of Seattle culture. One of my favorite places to visit for sure. Find out more by visiting pikeplacemarket.org 

Mueller family vacation 2013

Disneyland! The happiest place on earth. Our family went for the first time in 2013 and we loved it. I cried as we walked through the front gates (it was my first time as well). My dream is to go back and enjoy it even more. I’m thinner and healthier and can go a lot more. Plus our youngest is now old enough to ride everything. Watch out Mickey, I’m coming back!


Clocks; The more whimsical the better. I have an odd obsession with time. I currently have at least one clock in each room of my house (10) and that’s not counting the ones on appliances. I always wear either a watch or my Fitbit and I will check the time constantly. Maybe my OCD is showing?

Antiques; I love all things old, whether it’s furniture, clocks, books or an odd trinket. I have several items in my home that I inherited and they’re my favorite pieces. I feel the love of items is quickly moving to the side as we have become such a disposable society. If it’s broken it gets thrown out, not fixed. I prefer to fix things and add to their story and character. Not too popular a viewpoint these days.


Boots; The original. Ones worn to work outside, ride a horse, muck a stall, fix fence, or do the two step with your sweetheart. I have the most wonderful memories of my grandfather and his boots. I would often help him take them off after a long day and walk around the house in them when I was little. My brothers and Dad all wore them as well. When it came time to have my own my legs were too big and I was embarrassed, so I never had any. Well, I have some now! It was on my WLS bucket list and I was able to check it off.


Rodeos; I was raised at a time when you knew most of the cowboys and cowgirls competing. I watched my brother ride bulls as a kid. I remember hanging on the fence watching the young boys getting their ropes ready. Then I started having a soft heart for the animals and was convinced they were being hurt. I’m over that now and realize that cattle and horses are also athletes in this sport. I’ve taken my kids and see their eyes light up and think that maybe we should have a different life. But we aren’t ranchers or rodeo competitors. We are the spectators. And that’s OK too. I don’t play football either but I love to watch that also.


Tattoos; The ultimate in self expression. Putting something permanent on my body is one of my favorite and most expensive hobbies. I love hearing others stories about what their tattoos mean and explaining my own. 1) “I’m so in love with you” in my husbands handwriting. 2) Friendship tattoo with my best friend of 35+ years. 3) “Love Mom” in my Mommy’s handwriting. 4) In honor of my second mom Pam. 5) My compass, children’s initials are my points as they direct me in my life. 6) “I love you more” a tattoo with my eldest daughter, hers reads “I love you”.

This list is so fun to do. I really encourage you to give it a whirl.



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