100 Loves: Part Four

Part four in my series of 100 people or things that I love. We all have them and if you haven’t written them down or at least thought about them, you’re really missing out on a great opportunity to look inside yourself.


Music: My taste has always been varied. It varies through genre, it varies with my mood, it varies with my situation. Yet, it all comes down to the fact that music makes my soul better. It helps me through tough times. It helps me remember happy times and can be a source of memories otherwise forgotten. It can define an era in my life and bring me so much joy, sorrow and peace. It makes me sing, dance, and cry. I love music. Except rap…that I don’t like.

Image result for singing

Singing: You’ve either got it or you don’t. Whether I have it or not doesn’t stop me. I sang through high school, in church and to my babies. I’ve had people tell me I’m very good and I’ve had others tell me not to quit my day job. Either way I will do it when the fancy strikes me. I can remember songs from my childhood better than last week too, just in case you were wondering. And yes, each of my children has their own songs.

Image result for krazy bee rummy

Card Games; Above is a picture of my favorite. Krazy Bee Rummy was a game my husband and I would play with his parents. We would sit at the table for a few hours and just visit and play this game. We like others as well like Skip Bo, Gin Rummy, Solitaire, Cribbage, Hearts, Golf, etc. It’s more about being together as a family than about the game itself. And if I happen to win, then that’s just an extra bonus.


Lindt on Instagram

Chocolate: Lindt is my favorite brand. They’re so smooth and full of flavor. Unfortunately they’re also full of sugar. Which is now not my bestie anymore. Yes, we broke up after my surgery. It’s been tough and like all toxic relationships I kept going back and trying again, but it just hurts me too much. So I will now take a smell and maybe a small taste once in a while, but as for dropping that dollop of deliciousness into my mouth to melt….well those days are past me. Please be sad….

Image result for turkey and noodles
Not a picture of Mom’s dish but dang close. http://www.justapinch.com

Turkey and Noodles: “Save the carcass” Mom would always save the turkey carcass after Thanksgiving to make homemade turkey and noodles. She would make her own dough, roll it out, cut it by hand (no pasta maker here folks), let them dry a bit and into the stock pot it would go. It was then served over her mashed potatoes. Now my siblings, do not like this dish. To them, this was an “end of the month” dish. If you don’t know what that means, you are in a totally different tax bracket. Sadly, I was never interested in learning how to make this dish while I still had my momma to teach me. I will have try one from the internet and just work on it until I’m close enough.


My Mommy; I cherish any and all memories of her. Even when she wasn’t at her best. She was the strongest woman I have ever known and such an amazing example of what a woman could become. She wasn’t successful financially or have a big house. She raised her children with a gentle hand and a ton of love. I was her youngest child so I didn’t get to have her for as long as I needed her. God needed her home and I wasn’t willing to let her go. It kills me that my kids didn’t have more time. She was precious and I will miss her forever and cherish her always. (This is one of those things I will be asking God about one day)

My Turtle necklace from my son Alex

Jewelry; I love it all. Earrings, nose rings, necklaces, bracelets, rings….I love it all! Thankfully I’m also not too picky. I just don’t want it to turn my skin green, other than that I’m good. I’m easy that way.

Fall colors; Do I really need to explain? I mean, look at them! I don’t know about the rest of the beautiful world but the PNW has it going on when we talk about nature and colors. If you’ve never been here, please come visit!

Image result for keurig k55 red

My Keurig: I was gifted this from a friend and I LOVE it. I am all about a good cup of coffee, but I enjoy flavored coffee more than my darling husband. It’s such a waste to make an entire pot of Hazelnut coffee just for me, when I only drink a cup or two out of it. So this was the perfect solution. I love it and think everyone should have one.

Image result for the pampered chef starter kit 2001
The Pampered Chef starter kit for new consultants. http://www.pamperedchef.com

The Pampered Chef: My favorite kitchen tools. From stoneware to scrapers and everything in between, I love it all. I was a sales consultant for them for about 6 years. It helped me learn to talk in front of people, cook and become more independent as a woman. I traveled and met some lifelong friends with this company. I would have gone further but life got in the way. If you’re looking for wonderful products, a new career or just a new recipe, they are my go to every time!


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