100 Loves; Part Three

Part three in my series of 100 people or things that I love. We all have them, but do you really know what they are? Put your list on paper? It’s enlightening! Give it a try!


We are blessed to be on the top of a hill, with a view that won’t quit…and wind that won’t quit. So having wind chimes has been my thing. I love the way they sound. There are times that they don’t always last but I enjoy them as long as they do.


I love thunder and lightening! Unfortunately in the PNW, at least on the west side of the mountains, thunder and lightening are not common. When it does happen I am pulling up a front row seat! I know they scare some people but I am not one of them!


One of my favorite places to see beautiful scenery was Wyoming. I was blessed to take a road trip through this beautiful state back when I was 16. The rolling hills were my absolute favorite thing.

Devils Canyon, Montana

Deep Canyons….oh my goodness! I wish I had seen this image above in person, and a bucket list item of mine is the Grand Canyon. I just love how they look and the landscape they create.


It’s no secret that I love researching my ancestry. I’ve been blessed to have family papers and documents that enable me to trace my ancestry back to Ireland and England. Not to mention my Ancestry DNA results that identified my roots as mostly European. I’ve officially gone back 13 generations!


America! I am fiercely patriotic. I am a true believer in our constitution and laws. My family lines have been here since before the Revolution. Maybe this is why my blood runs Red, White and Blue.


I love, love, love a clean house, but you know I have kids so……one day.


Snuggles from my babies are my favorite. The older three are a bit big for me to hold but my youngest can still climb on my lap. Love them now because they grow fast.

If you every get a chance to visit the Oregon Coast and are able to stop in at the Nehalem Bay Winery, do it! They have some wonderful wines that drew me in and officially made me a wino! It was the very first wine that I liked after trying for years. My fave: Honey Mead. Mmmmmmm 🙂


The night sky is one of my favorite places to sit with my thoughts. If it weren’t for the wind at my house I would sit outside all the time to stargaze. We have no city lights to interfere with the glow of the celestial sky, which makes it extra special. If you’ve not done this, get out there and give it a try on a cloudless night. You won’t be sorry. Don’t forget to make a wish on a shooting star if you see one!


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  1. I loved this post. It was the nicest thing I’ve ever read about Wyoming.

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