100 Loves; Part Two

Part two in my series of 100 people or things that I love. We all have them, but do you really now what they are? Have you ever put it into words? If not, it’s enlightening! Give it a try! In the meantime, here’s mine.

Numbers 11-20


Eggs: My favorite way is poached, but I’ll eat them any way I can. Scrambled seems to be the hardest to digest (no clue why). One egg has only 75 calories but 7 grams of high-quality protein, 5 grams of fat, and 1.6 grams of saturated fat, along with iron, vitamins, minerals, and carotenoids. The egg is a powerhouse of disease-fighting nutrients like lutein and zeaxanthin. It’s perfect for someone who’s had bariatric surgery.


The liquid of the Gods…coffee. Who ever first thought to dry and then grind up that little bean is brilliant! Admittedly I don’t like it black, nope…lots of creamer here, which of course leads to a trip to the bathroom usually but it’s oh so worth it!

Coffee has:

  • 2.4 calories.
  • 0 grams fat.
  • 0 grams sugar.
  • 0.3 grams protein.
  • 0.2 milligrams vitamin B2 riboflavin (11 percent DV)
  • 0.6 milligrams pantothenic acid (6 percent DV)
  • 116 milligrams potassium (3 percent DV)
  • 0.1 milligrams manganese (3 percent DV)


Give me a good old road trip any day and you’ll see a happy woman. Whether it’s close by or far away, I’m not picky. Just hit the tunes and the open road. Of course this is much better without kids who whine or have to pee every 10 miles, but we are slowly coming out of that stage! (Praise Jesus)


I am not a perfect person. I make a lot of mistakes still, but I love those people who stick with me, through it all, even after they know who I really am. From childhood through adulthood, these ladies have seen it and done it all. They are the wind beneath my wings and I am so blessed to have them. Everyone needs at least one great friend, I’ve been blessed with several.

I used to shy away from leggings, but then I put on a pair of LulaRoe…and the rest is history. They are, by far, the most comfortable item I own. I am hooked and I’m not ashamed to say so. If you’ve not experienced them, I encourage you to give them a try. A simple Facebook shout out will ensure that you have 5-10 consultants letting you know they are sellers but here’s the link anyway. img_2409

Okay, I admit I don’t know what the meme means but I laughed at it. Yes, I love the smell of bleach! Yes, I know I’m weird, but I can’t help it. To me it just screams “CLEAN”. I love a nice clean smell and that’s what bleach reminds me of….so there it is.


Christmas….it’s right around the corner and the only reason I usually am NOT filled with the Christmas spirit is because I’m usually broke! I hate money and all it brings with it but if it wasn’t a concern than Christmas would be my favorite holiday. I love watching my kids get up and be surprised. We still do Santa here and so it’s still super fun. The lights of the tree and the music are also dear to my heart.


“Oh the weather outside is frightful, but the fire is so delightful, and since we’ve no place to go…Let it Snow, Let it Snow, Let it Snow”

If I only had no place to go, but I usually have to work. So it’s a love/hate relationship. I adore how it makes everything look and how excited the kids get when it appears, but driving in it? Nah…I’m good.


There’s nothing like the crackling of a good fire when it’s cold outside. Of course I do not have one of these lovely things but I will have one someday. I’m even okay with it being less than real.


Since the loss of 130 pounds of fat off my body, I cool easily. Where once I would shy away and sweat like crazy at anything over 70, now I crave it. I still am not a fan of HOT weather (anything over 80 is a no thanks from me) but 75 is perfection. I love it and am wishing for it as we speak!



2 thoughts on “100 Loves; Part Two

  1. The smile in the last photo was fabulous! Love your blog. Bah humbug to Christmas materialism.


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