Silence. The blissful sound of nobody.

Peace. A way of being, when you’re alone.

Tranquil. The body unwinding when there’s no stress.

Relaxation. A foreign thing.

How do I achieve this? Do I need to run away?

Do people do that? Won’t I be judged by those I love? Won’t I miss them and feel guilty?

Of course. That’s why I stay. It is why I suffer silently. It’s why I endure it all. Because I love them.

It’s how life has to be.

I don’t get the luxury of a peaceful and quiet life.

Oh I catch glimpses now and then but its not my reality.

So I stay. I live. I give. I love.

It’s who I am.


But there are times that the road calls to me to join it with full abandon and I have to ask myself if one day I’ll answer it’s call and change everything.

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  1. The title of your blog.. independent and awesome! Everything your write has to say is so relateable! Great smile! Delightful attitude! I do hope you made your life better for you first! Love your words.

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    1. It’s a work in progress. Thank you for your kind words.

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      1. Good luck to you dear! And have lots of fun too!☀️

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