Top 10: Things your HCT want you to know, but can’t say!

It’s true. I’m going out on a limb here and I’m going to reveal the top ten items that your Health Care Team wants you to know but can’t tell you!

Why can’t we tell you? Well, you might not take it well. Let’s face it, you’re not usually at the doctor when you feel your best. These need to be said.

Be on time. Yes I know, you have to get there on time only to wait to see the doctor. But, you’re probably waiting because someone else came with only 5 minutes left of their appointment. Which put the doctor behind. They aren’t behind because they ran out for Starbucks! They are actually taking care of sick people! If you’re late, it will make them even later.

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Wear clothes under your sweatshirt! We will always be taking your blood pressure. To do it properly, we need your arm unclothed. I do not care if all you have on is a bra….you should have thought ahead and worn something underneath. And yes, this also applies to children who “choose” not to wear underwear!

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Soap and deodorant. Use them. Please!

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We are not the bad guys! So please don’t tell your children that! We have to administer their vaccines. You’re the one asking us to! And we are doing it out of our love for your child!

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Perfume, essential oils, cologne and Axe body spray……tone it down! Someone is going into an asthma attack because you bathed in too much today. Thank you for smelling good but you took it a bit far. Thanks.

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No, your doctor can not see all 5 of your children “quickly” when you only scheduled one of them. Every one of them needs their own appointment.

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Limit your list of concerns to your top three. Others are waiting to be taken care of by the doctor today. If you need to speak to your physician about a lot more than the average bear, make a couple more appointments.

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There’s a 90% chance that your doctor, nurse, medical assistant, lab tech, x-ray tech and pharmacist have only taken one bathroom/food break in the last 5 hours. Because they are making sure you don’t have to wait any longer than necessary. So be nice.

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Yes health care is a business, but the person checking you in or getting you ready to see the doctor, we didn’t make the rules or set the prices…but we would happily direct you towards those in charge. Take your issue up with them. (We are just drawing a paycheck)

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No we don’t mind if you have a coffee or a snack with you during your visit. But we do not want to clean up the room afterwards because little Tommy crushed his fishes under his shoes while in there.

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I hope this helps. I hope this helps all of us. Of course, these are just my opinions. I deal with people every day and truly love my job but there are just some things that I’d love to say in the heat of the moment.

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Hopefully these gave you a little chuckle.

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