Top 10: Rewards


When we are talking about rewards it’s very important to remember that food and inactivity is what got us in this pickle in the first place. Keep that in mind when choosing your rewards.

My top ten are simply that. My TOP ten. I’ve rewarded myself in many ways but these are the most common and usually the most affordable. Obviously I’ve set goals and I’ve achieved most of them. In fact, it’s good to remind myself that I need to set some new ones.

Get a pedicure; Easy and affordable as long as I go alone! It’s also something that I can do at home if I’m feeling a little strapped for cash. Once upon a time I couldn’t reach my feet well enough to paint my own nails, so I would get pedi’s a lot. That got to be pretty expensive so now I use it as a reward. A professional pampers me for an hour as I sit and play on my phone. One day I’ll remember headphones so I can listen to something a bit more educational.

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Treat yourself to a new outfit, shoes, handbag, scarf, hat….you get the idea. For a very long time shopping was complete hell for me. I hated how I look in everything and buying that huge size limited what styles I could wear. I’m also very thrifty which prevented me from going to the stores where plus size women could buy cute clothes. Shopping is now insanely fun. I enjoy looking through the racks and deciding what I like. It’s a new experience for me but one I am embracing. I’m also wearing items I never would have tried before. I’ve posted this picture a couple of times, so I apologize but it’s the cutest thing I own right now and I actually love how I look in it.



Buy a new book or download a new one to your device. What ever strikes your fancy. Reading is my escape and for a bit I didn’t make time to read. I suffered mentally for that. It’s very therapeutic to me. I sent out a Facebook and Instagram shout out for new reading material ideas. My peeps did not disappoint! This is how I discovered James Patterson….where has this author been all my life! It was love at first word for sure! So give yourself the gift of the written word. If you need a list of great reads, let me know. I’ll share that stuff all day long!



Go on a date night. You can do this with your love or alone. I prefer to take my husband as it gives me someone to talk to LOL. We try to go to new places and do new things if we are able and think ahead. But sometimes it’s just dinner. It’s not about where you go or what you do but the company. Sometimes that might be going alone, maybe you need that time with just yourself. The important thing is that you choose it.

Date night touring the waterfalls in the Columbia River Gorge.


Challenge yourself. I know that doesn’t sound rewarding but it really can be. I’ve done this a couple of times, the most recent being a wine run with my bestie. To be clear, we didn’t run…we walked. There was wine sampling (yes I was trashed after the first few) along the way and we dressed crazy but it was the best time! I’ve also walked around our local lake, done a 5K, and hiked around our school (it has multiple nature trails) Choose your path. And take someone you love along, it makes the time a lot more enjoyable.

Take a trip. Go somewhere you’ve never been or revisit a favorite spot. Go overnight to really feel like it was a get away. Of course my favorite spot is the ocean and my favorite people usually go with me. This last time though I began a tradition. A yearly “Girls only” trip with my daughters. We went for the weekend and it celebrated our bond but secretly I was celebrating making it to “Onederland” We will now go every year to a new destination, it may not always be to celebrate one of my achievements but maybe to celebrate one of theirs or maybe just to get away and chill with my baby girls.



Buy a new movie or music album. Music is a gift to the soul. I can’t even imagine a world where music didn’t exist. Movies have always been one of my weaknesses to. In fact, the kids and I have this horrible habit of buying a new movie almost every time we go to the store, so to say we have a lot of them is an understatement. Thankfully we also subscribe to Netflix and Amazon Prime, so there are a lot of them there we can access free of charge. I rewarded myself yesterday with two new movies, which I watched just last night. They were completely different and both wonderful. I Can Only Imagine and Book Club I highly recommend both. (Book Club is adult only viewing in my opinion)


Get a massage. Oh my sweet heaven, this is by far one of my favorite things to do. Even when I was a bigger girl I loved getting massages. I have gone to a couple different ladies and all have been good but I admit that I prefer someone who just lets me relax and doesn’t talk my ear off. These can be spendy, so I don’t get them often but oh how I would love to. If you’re not sure who to go to or where to start, reaching out to friends or family helps a lot. I am more inclined to go to someone when I know that they’ve been given the thumbs up by my tribe.

love romantic bath candlelight
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Get a new tattoo. This one won’t appeal to everyone, but I am an ink junkie. Though I don’t have as many as I’d like, I am a work in progress. I have yet to get my weight loss tattoo because I can’t decide on one. There are simply too many options and I can’t land on just one. All of my ink means something to me. So when I do finally decide which one to go with, I know it’ll be special.

Friendship tattoo. My first one, on my left foot. Red K for my bestie and a purple S for me, combined with the Celtic symbol for friendship. She has the matching one on her right foot.


Subscribe to something new. There are so many subscriptions out there. From beauty products to clothing lines to food boxes (not recommended when trying to live healthy). I’ve subscribed to Ipsy, Gwynnie Bee, Scrapbook Clubs, Book clubs etc. But my next one will be the Fab Fit Fun box. I’m so excited to reach this goal I have 7 pounds to go before I reach this one. Again, this was a recommendation from a family member. What will you choose?


No matter what you love and how you reward yourself, remember to write it down and mark it off. Constantly update it and keep it reasonable. You are worth it!

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