Top 10: Goals

  • To get out of the 300’s
    • Completed February 2017
  • Weigh less than my husband
    • Completed June 2017
  • Lose 100 pounds
    • Completed September 2017
  • Shop in the “normal” section of the store
    • Completed December 2017
  • To wear my husbands clothes
    • Completed December 2017
  • Wear a dress
    • Completed January 2018
  • Get out of the 200’s
    • Completed March 2018
  • Go on a real hike
    • Completed May 2018
  • Go zip-lining
    • Completed August 2018
  • Have the word “Obese” removed from my medical record
    • Still waiting for this one thanks to the stupid BMI chart.


These are just my goals, what are yours? Can I help you figure that out? Can I be your supporter? Drop me a line. Add a comment and don’t forget to follow.

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