Top 10: Actions

You’ve gotten all the items needed, now it’s time to take action!


We have all been there when the “skinny” person starts telling you it’s all about moving more and eating less. While this is something that works for some, it definitely doesn’t work for everyone! If it did, everyone would be skinny!

Here are my top ten action items to help you get started. I can personally say that these have helped me!

  • Weigh in. This is just to establish your baseline. Do this on a scale that you will have access to in the future. It helps if you stay loyal to one scale, it provides consistency.
  • You’ve downloaded your app right? Either Baritastic or My Fitness Pal or something? Now I want you to log EVERYTHING you eat for one week. You’re only reporting to yourself so be completely honest! You’re not comparing yourself to anyone. This will give you some amazing insight! This will show you exactly how many calories are in your most commonly eaten foods. It will bring into focus what you really consume. When I did this exercise in 2016 I couldn’t believe it. It opened my eyes in ways I didn’t think possible and showed me just how much I was lying to myself.
  • Take your before pictures and measurements. I referred to this in the previous blog entry but now I want you to DO it. They’re only numbers but they’ll mean so much more to you down the road. The pictures don’t have to be shared until you’re ready. You are in charge of that.
  • Now we talk about portions. You may not think you eat much right now, and you may not but I am suggesting cutting all portions in half. One way to do this is to decrease the size of your plate. I went from a regular dinner plate to a salad plate. I also make sure that most of my food can’t touch initially (I may or may not mix some things together) This one act alone will reduce what you take in. BTW…no second helpings!
  • How much water do you drink right now? If you are currently consuming zero to 24 ounces a day, increase to 16-32 for a week, then the following week go up to 24-40 and so on. You can easily lose 5-10 pounds of water weight in a week if you simply increase your consumption.
  • Is there any exercise that really appeals to you? Choose one, just one, that you can do on a regular basis. I have one knee that I completely wrecked in 2000 and the other is arthritic. I…can…not….run. But I can walk, and I can swim, do Yoga and I can ride my stationary bike. Walking is ok, but I have to be in the mood. Swimming is, well let’s just say, not my strong suit. Yoga is great, and done in the privacy of my own home. I also choose to ride my bike. I bought it used for $20. It’s loud but it gets the job done. I can monitor how far I ride (average 5-6 miles), my heart rate and how long I go for. It’s free, as it’s in my own home. I can still talk to my kid or husband if need be, I can listen to my music and sing OUTLOUD if I want. I couldn’t do any of this in a gym setting. And that’s what I like.  Privacy. What do you like?
  • Give yourself permission to work out for 10-15 minutes at a time. Permission to start with chair exercises. Permission to walk up and down your hallway 3 times, then rest. Permission to do wall push ups because you can not get up and down off the floor. Whatever makes it easier to stick to a plan, do that! It’s ok! When I first started I had the pre-determined notion that I was a complete failure and “not trying” if I wasn’t hitting the gym for an hour every day! What a load of crap! Everyone is starting in a completely different place. I started out from ground zero. Give yourself permission to start where you are and as you get stronger, then you will go longer and harder as you improve!
  • Set some goals. Small achievable goals. Set them for the month. What do you want to accomplish in 30 days? Some of my goals have included; Increase my water intake by 8 ounces. Lose 2 lbs. Replace one meal with a protein drink (Boost usually). Ride my bike 4 days this week instead of three. Only weigh myself at the end of the month, instead of daily. Your turn…
  • Make a list of rewards for when these goals are achieved. My list was very straight forward: Pedi, massage, new blouse (or pair of shoes or pair of pants etc) a new movie, a new book, download a song I love, re-vamp my hair, new nail polish and my big one….a subscription to the Fab Fit Fun Box. (this last one hasn’t been earned yet)
  • Journal. Set up the accounts if going online, buy one if going old school or simply get a notebook and begin. However you want to go about it, write your story. Keep track of your journey. It’s so worth it. Sometimes I forget where I started from because my brain starts to make me doubt myself. I start to feel fat again, unworthy and ugly. It’s only when I look back that I can begin to move forward again.


When beginning something new, do it in small easy steps. Achieve one thing at a time. And never, ever, use the word diet! This is all about changing your life for the better. Diets are temporary. “diet” is just another word for “failure” Change your life, one small step at a time.


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