Top 10: Items To Get Started

Throughout this journey of mine I have come across people at all levels of their own journey. Every so often I’m asked about how to get started. What do they need? So I’ve compiled a list of top 10 items that everyone needs to begin, and a few might surprise you.

  1. The before picture: Yep, take it. Keep it. Because one day you’ll want to do a comparison to see how far you’ve come.
Me at 320, January 2017


2. Measuring tape: Take your measurements. Arms, shoulders, chest, waist, hips, and each thigh. Write it down and keep it for comparison.

3. Download a good app: My personal favorite is Baritastic. It’s specifically designed for bariatric patients. I’ve been able to put all kinds of data into it and utilize it at any moment. There are several ones out there so find the one that works best for you.

img_19114. Scale: The dreaded nemesis. But I want you to keep it to weekly weigh in’s only. If your support system has to hide it from you on the day’s you’re not supposed to weigh in, then so be it. Log your beginning weight and then once a week only. Mine is digital and if I have a choice it’s the only one I ever weigh on.

5. Water bottle: There are literally thousands of different ones here. So this is all up to what you like. But the kicker is knowing how much liquid it holds. So unless it states it on the side, you’ll need to measure out the water the first time. To this day, water intake is my hardest goal to meet. So I speak to myself on this one as well. DRINK-DRINK-DRINK!!!

6. Good shoes: I was gifted a new pair when I began my journey. My work bestie told me I needed new shoes for my new path. XOXO. So my favorite shoes are Fila’s. Not only are they comfortable but they have taken me on many walks and hours on the stationary bike. So spend a little more and get some good ones because your feet will thank you for it.

7. Tracker: I use a Fitbit. My husband bought it for me for Christmas and I love it. There are other trackers out there, in fact some smart phones can be used for this purpose as well. The app for the Fitbit is also wonderful. I log all my exercises into the app, set goals and join challenges with friends.


8. Journal: Either written old school or digital. But journaling is a proven form of therapy. And there will be a lot of emotions that will need to come out. I journal in multiple ways. Blogging is definitely a way to journal, as is using YouTube, Instagram or Facebook. But I also use my calendar, a weight loss journal and a Bucket List journal. It may seem like a lot, but for me, each one has its place.


9. Music playlist and headphones: You simply can’t work out with out these two essentials. Now, as you know, I’m an 80’s girl and this is reflected in my music choices. I do, however, throw some newer stuff in there once in a while.


10. Support system: This is the most important. Of course having support in your home is HUGE, but you can have support elsewhere as well. And you should. My support circle is enormous. My family, my close friends, my work friends and my doctor are my in person group. Then there’s my virtual group. My followers here, on IG, FB, and YT. Those who are always reaching out to encourage me either with words or pictures. I’ve made some wonderful friends through my on-line presence. One that sticks out is my girl in Kentucky. We met on IG and became fast friends. She’s like my pen pal (anyone remember those??) and I adore her spirit and drive. She has a beautiful family and I can and will meet her for real one day. I have the internet to thank for that friendship.

I will always be there for those who ask for a support person. I will answer questions, encourage, support and kick your ass a little if that’s what you need. Without support the road becomes so much harder. Reach out, I’m here. We can do this together.


**Don’t forget to comment, like and follow. XOXO

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