Myth vs Reality

WLS isn’t the answer for everyone and there are a lot of myths out there. Here is my opinion on those myths, some are my real reality. I have always said I would be raw and honest here and on my online forums. Here it is…

Myth: “You didn’t need weight loss surgery to lose weight. Diet and exercise work if you try hard enough”

Truth: Not for me. I tried diet, exercise, weight watchers, Medifast, Slimfast, pills, Adkins, etc. Nothing worked for me. Each time I would have a temporary success only to gain back more weight than I lost. This was my last chance at health.

Myth: ” I chose the easy way”

Truth: Liquid diet, counseling, pain, major surgery with anesthesia, depression, nausea, vomiting, diarrhea that makes you poop your pants, nutrition classes, weigh ins, doctors appointments, body dysmorphia and sadness. Easy? I think not.

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Myth: “I’ll lose all my hair”

Truth: I did lose a bit of it. It’s not as thick as it once was but a new style and cut helped a lot.


Myth; “I’ll have to take supplements for the rest of my life”

Truth: Yep sure will! First world problems right? Oh boo hoo I have to make sure to take a daily multi vitamin, iron, magnesium, calcium and I choose to take biotin. I am pretty sure that I can handle that considering the benefits that come with this surgery.


Myth: “I post my story for attention”

Truth: I did not create my FB, IG or blog for attention. I am here to heal mentally and physically. I am here to help others if I can. To share my experiences, trials, failures and victories. I’m not here to be famous, I’m here to support and be supported.


Myth: “I’ll have so much loose skin!”

Truth: I was very luck in this department, mine isn’t too bad. I’m also not one to post my tummy or whatnot, so you’ll just have to trust me when I say there’s plenty of loose skin there. The fat was KILLING me, so loose skin it is! I may or may not have plastics later, right now I’m just enjoying being able to move.

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Myth: “I’ll never be able to ear normal again”

Truth: “Normal“, that’s a word that needs revamped. At 320 pounds my idea of normal was not healthy. On an average day I would consume almost 4000 calories. “Normal” was killing me and I saw nothing wrong with it. My new normal is 1000 calories or less a day. Cheese instead of chips, yogurt not ice cream, smaller portions and healthier snacks. This is my new normal because what I did before was helping me die before I should.

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