WLS Wins

This process, this surgery, this life wasn’t easy. The decision to move forward and the results of that decision haven’t been the “easy” way to reach this goal of mine. There were struggles prior, after and currently. But there have also been wins.


Skinny! A word that has NEVER been associated with me or said to me in my conscious memory. It took me a minute for it to compute…well, because “fat brain”! But WOW did it feel amazing!


When I realized she was wearing my blouse, and it wasn’t a huge mess on her!? I was floored. We have had a couple other moments like this as well. She just wore another blouse of mine to school and though it was bigger on her, it still fit! I have also accidentally given her clothes of mine when doing the laundry. WHAT IS HAPPENING!? She’s 12 and about 115 pounds lol. I’m nowhere near that size but the clothes don’t lie. No, they aren’t skin tight on me either. So I’ll keep taking it…I’ll take it anytime. This is not a problem I thought I would ever have.


I love my co-workers like sisters, especially one in particular. She is the cutest little thing with a heart of gold. So when a maintenance guy at work thought it was her that was there a few days ago and it was actually me (this guy then stated he couldn’t tell us apart) to say I was stoked is an understatement. I even did a little happy dance. I would love to be confused with her anytime as she’s incredible but physically being mistaken for her made me giddy. (insert dorky laugh here)


My husband has always been lighter than me. We have been that couple that was oddly matched in the way we looked. I asked him so many times over the last two decades, why he loved me? I couldn’t help but wonder why this amazing man would love such a fat woman. So this WLS win was HUGE to me.

Sitting on his lap and not feeling like an elephant sitting on a toadstool feels unbelievable. It’s one of my favorite things to do. Now I only wonder if I’m hurting him with my boney butt! The feeling of being “little” enough to do this too makes my heart leap for joy. I finally feel like we match. He totally deserves me though I’m not sure if I’m worthy of him quite yet.


I wasn’t born in my current hometown but I have lived here since I was 8 years old. Having never left and raising my children here means that I run in some pretty consistent circles. We see the same people, we are friends on FB and our kids all go to school together.

So when you show up to the high school football game and those who’ve known you FOREVER, tell you they wouldn’t have recognized you if not for your kids and husband being right there….WHAT? HAHA I was so shocked by this. Like, hello guys…I’m so open about it all and it’s all right there online, but I’ll still take it. I adore my hometown crew. Thanks for making one of your own feel extra special.

All of my current wins make this journey a little extra special. I would love to hear your wins as well. Drop a comment below and follow “My Journey” for encouragement and support.

On this journey it’s important to me to profile every facet of the truth. To continue to be raw and real. If you ever have a question or comment please reach out. I’ll always answer with pure honestly and I will always be your encourager and champion.


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