Who Are you? Part 1

It’s an age old question isn’t it? Not to mention it’s a hard question as well. Who am I? Well of course we all wear different hats and have different titles, but do those define us? Are there things about us that would surprise those that know us best? I have been asking my self this question for a long time and I’ve come up with some answers. Maybe you can relate?

First and foremost I am a Momma. I have four beautiful children whom I’d die for. They make me whole. They give me more purpose in life than I would have without them and I can’t imagine my life without them in it.


I am a wife. My husband has been my rock through so many of life’s challenges. We’ve lost our parents, suffered job loss, financial ruin, struggled with parenthood, surgeries, depression, and infertility. But we’ve celebrated countless joys that have far outweighed all that other crap! We have praised Jesus together and cussed each other out! We have fought and loved fiercely while raising our family. We do not share a lot of the same opinions on many things and we are polar opposites on others, but at the end of the day there isn’t anyone I’d rather sail through this crazy life with.


I’m a nature girl! The outdoors used to call my name and I would ignore it. Going out there meant pain, embarrassment and the reality that I couldn’t do what I wanted. So I’d sit in the car or on the bench or chair and watch my family enjoy it. Sometimes I wouldn’t go at all because that was easier both physically and mentally. But when you lose an entire person (130 pounds) going out into nature and having in is so much easier! I’m now the one leading my pack. I’m the one that’s yelling “let’s GO” And I love it! It’s a part of who I am!


I was blessed. I had the most amazing Mom. My relationship with my dad was more complicated. In 2015 I lost them both. My heart broke into a million pieces and I’ve still not been able to put them back together. They never got to see my weight loss transformation. They’ve missed so many huge events in my life. But I’m so thankful for the time I had. I learned how to be a strong woman from my mom. I also get my compassion, empathy, love of animals, cooking skills, smile and so many other things from her. I miss her every single day. I know she is with me forever and I’m so proud to be her daughter.



Who are you? Sit down and make a list of those things that define who you are. They should and can be serious or silly. Chocolate or vanilla, straight or gay, blonde or brunette? It doesn’t matter what’s on the list because it’s about YOU!

To be continued……



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