Words are a powerful thing. They can lift one up or tear one down. Be careful with them, as they are a great and powerful weapon.

Throughout history words have been used for good and for evil. Well when you’re the “fat” kid or the “fat” friend, they can be devastating. Words have always had a deep impact on me. I’m an avid reader and obviously love to write as well. But words have also made me feel “less than”. Those who’ve spoken those words to me weren’t always meaning them to be hurtful and some, well….you know meant them just as they came out. Sometimes they were said by those closest and they stuck and had a deeper impact than anyone could’ve imagined.

“Be careful, boys don’t like girls with a bubble bottom”

“Doesn’t your mother care what you eat?”

“I can’t believe how much bigger you are”

“I don’t think we have that in your size.”

“Just get your fat a$$ moving!”

“Let’s talk about your weight issue”

“You’re weight is probably contributing to your infertility”

“She’s just a fat baby stealer that can’t have her own kids”

“If you were just a little smaller”

“Do you need a seat belt extension?”

“I’m sorry but you simply don’t fit”

“I’ll fix your knee but you’ve got to fix your weight!”

“You have very heavy legs, it’ll make this process harder for sure”

“Have you lost weight?”


“You’re such a pretty girl, if only you could lose weight”

“Be careful your weight issues don’t effect your kids”

“I don’t think this will fit, we may not be able to fasten the back”

“Sandi’s a big girl, she can handle it”

“Normally we would cut you off (from drinking) but you’re a big girl, you can handle more”

“Why are all health care workers obese??”

“Here Sandi, have more cake! You can add it to your a$$”

“She don’t need to be in that refrigerator, her butt’s big enough”

“You’re wasting away! Soon you’ll weigh less than me!”

“Maybe you could try a diet. That may help”

Yes these were words said to me.

Yes they hurt.

Yes I love many of the people that spoke them.

No they are not in the pictures.

These photos were hard to look at and to post. But looking back is how we move forward. And I’m charging ahead!!!

“You have such a pretty face”


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