Unconditional Love

Every parent has heard the saying ” I would die for my child”. But only real parents know that this is 100% the TRUTH!

Not a one of us would ever let anything happen to our children if we could avoid it or prevent it.

As I look into the angelic faces of my four babies I often think of this.

Right now I am reading the Left Behind series, and it is about the Rapture. Now I don’t believe the Rapture will happen the way it’s written about in these books but it still stirs a certain feeling in me.

If I am to live long enough to see the coming of Christ that will mean that I will have lived through the books of Revelation and the end times. Not something I would like to do.

So as I read these books, I begin to think about what horrors go on in our world today. And my children, and their wellbeing, are my main concern.

When our oldest was 2 we went for a second honeymoon trip to Florida. Having never left her, we were both really concerned to fly clear across the country for 10 days away from our only baby. A few nights before we left, tears falling down my face, I wrote her a letter. In the off chance that we died while away, I wanted her to know how much we loved her and that we would never have left her on purpose. To grow up to be the beautiful woman we knew she would be.

When we got home it made my heart sour to tear that letter up knowing that we didn’t need it. Now, I know that was extreme but what a gift that would have been to her in case something would have happened.

I recently had the pleasure of going to the Women of Faith conference with my girlfriends and we started a tradition last year. We asked eachother a question that we didn’t know the answer to. It is a way of getting to know eachother more intimately and forming a stronger bond. So, this year one of the questions was, “What’s the one thing you want for your children?” Well, we all want the same thing, for them to grow up knowing God and having a personal relationship with Him. And I want this as well, but there’s also the part of me that wants them to grow up and have the world. I want them to travel, to fall in love, to be amazing at what they choose as a career, and to be happy.

Of course my list for each of them is different as each child is different but I think we all just want the world for our children.

Don’t we?

I think we all want to raise good productive citizens and we all are proud of our kids. But are we showing them what that looks like? Are we good examples for our kids?

I know i struggle with it every day. I am 1000% a sinner who needs God’s guidance in everything I do. I need Him to show me the way because if left to my own devices, I am beyond lost and screwed up.

I adore my children. I discipline them, I teach them, and I have inevitably given them enough trama to send them into therapy as adults. LOL But I truly hope that they will become amazing and wonderful people who will benefit our family and society.

That’s really all I can hope for.

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