My transformation has been a long one. And it’s hasn’t only been physical.

When I first decided to have WLS (weight loss surgery) I was frightened, but not the way you would think. It wasn’t the operation part that scared me, it was who was I without my fat to protect me.

Just like when the kids were little and you use them as a buffer in social situations, that’s how I used my fat. I hid behind it and used it as an excuse not to do things.

So who would I be once that was gone?

Well, I’ve found out that….

I’m very confident. Who knew?

I’m happy.

I’m funny.

I’m a great friend.

I’m sassy (not new news).

I’m pretty.

I’m super outgoing.

I’m brave.

I’m strong.

I’m determined.

I’m opinionated.

I’m sexy.


And it’s ok to feel these things! It doesn’t make me conceited or egotistical. It makes me a woman!

These new (and not so new) findings about myself are always evolving. Because we are always changing and growing.

When I speak to others about my journey, I love to tell them about where I started! It’s so important for people to know where you began.

I was never that girl that was always watching what I ate or exercising! I was the one that ordered two cheeseburgers so I could sneak one later! I still hate exercise but I now know its value!

Don’t be afraid to transform yourself. Trust the process and give yourself permission to fail. Because there’s always a lesson to be learned.

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