Stepping Forward in Faith

I’m crazy nervous.

So, I met with the dietitian and the social worker a couple weeks ago. First I will tell you that I was scared to death to meet with these two people. I thought I was going to be judged for a whole slough of items. From weight to diet to food journal entries to lack of food journal entries to exercise and on and on and on….

What I encountered was nothing like what I expected.

These two ladies were exceptional. They were kind and understanding and beyond informative. They listened to my insecurities and reassured me. They made sure that I understood the path I was on and what the outcome meant, and they were ready to help me every step of the way.

Some of the things they told me I want to share.

First: It’s OK not to do a 30-60 minute workout! WHAT?? This was shocking to me. Every person I have ever encountered constantly tells me to work out that long. Well, when your body hurts as bad as mine does, this is not appealing or even possible. So what would I do? Right, nothing. But to be told that it was OK to do 10 minutes a day was amazing. And quite honestly, it’s very practical post-op. I won’t be taking in many calories once my stomach is altered, so to think I can have much output in the way of exercise is crazy.

Well using my bike and possibly swimming are my two best options. And I can honestly say that I have increased my activity to where I need to be. And it’s OK. I can’t say that I feel pretty good about meeting this goal.

Second: Spread out my calories to about 300 calories 5 times a day. This is a struggle, as I am learning what 300 calories looks like. And it’s totally shocking to me that certain foods have SO many calories in them. Plus I have to change what I eat in general to get used to my post op stomach. (more about that later) Don’t always trust a salad LOL

And three: I have to give up certain things. FOR GOOD. OMG!

No more caffeine, no more alcohol, no more milk products (which includes ice cream WAAA) and apparently sugar in general will hate me. So….yeah.

But as I have said before, it’s OK. Will it be hard? YEP! Will it suck? YUP! Can I do it? Absolutely!

Because it’s important to me to be healthier for me and for my family. Someone said to me today, that if I don’t put myself first then one day I will resent not doing so. As a mother this is hard for me but I guess I need to learn how to be selfish.

I am changing my life forever and I’m scared.

I will ask you for your continued thoughts and prayers for my journey and thank you in advance for them.

Here’s something the dietitian shared with me.


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